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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Will AI make the world greener? 


AI has the potential to make the world greener by enabling more efficient and sustainable use of resources. For example, AI technologies can help optimise energy consumption, reduce waste and improve environmental monitoring and management. ​


While AI has the potential to introduce environmental benefits, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with its use and to take steps to mitigate them, ensuring that AI systems are transparent, accountable and sustainable.​


Our next Industry Insights is an opportunity for industry leaders to come together, collaborate and discuss the challenges and opportunities to enhance sustainability with AI.​


Fang Chen and Adam Berry, Executive Director and Deputy Director respectively of the UTS Data Science Institute, will share their insights on how the use of data and AI can impact our water quality, agriculture and energy, and how we can address the challenges of applying large amounts of data into sustainable practices. ​


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