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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Rethinking technical leadership to drive the digital transformation acceleration


Join our panel of experts as the discuss what is required to create a smart city and place


The Fourth Industrial Revolution will blur the traditional boundaries between physical, digital and biological spheres in our economy. And adapting the requirements of technology leadership roles will be critical in ensuring the peaceful transition into this new world. 


Join us in our upcoming Industry Insights Leaders Series on Thursday 14 October, 5.30pm AEDT. Angela Coble, CIO | Director Business Technology, Johnson & Johnson, and Doctoral Researcher will be joined by Dr Ian Oppermann, NSW Government Chief Data Scientist and ACS President, to share insights from world-first research into the leadership requirements of the future.


In this fireside chat, Angela will be sharing:

  • Practical frameworks to assist Australian organisations in adopting active strategies to change their technology leadership
  • The research to inform new policy or dispute our previous attempts to solve gender parity in technology-related disciplines.

  • How the industry and government policy can support business initiatives to increase female workforce participation and boost Australia's productivity and innovation. 

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