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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Driving Sustainability by Decarbonising Digital Transformation


Australia will achieve net zero by 2050. That’s the Australian government’s promise but it impacts every business and every professional in the tech industry. ​ 


Net zero by 2050 is a big ask. Especially as research indicates fewer than one-third of Australian businesses measure carbon emissions. ​ 


Our next Industry Insights: Driving Sustainability by Decarbonising Digital Transformation will reveal how businesses can protect the planet while continuing to target profits. ​ 


Led by guest speaker and renowned futurologist Rocky Scopelliti, you’ll learn the strategies, policies and programs to drive sustainability. And receive an introduction to emerging technologies capable of reducing carbon emissions. ​ 


If you have the responsibility for driving growth in your company, you need to build sustainability into your plans, which means you need to attend our Industry Insights event. ​ 


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