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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Diversity, Innovation and the Skills for Tech 


The AFL is taking the sport to the next level with its latest innovation - the smart ball. With microchips embedded into the ball, coaches, players and fans can track its movement with centimetre-level accuracy.


This breakthrough technology could finally answer the age-old question of whether the ball touched the post, providing more accurate score reviews and eliminating the need for contentious umpire decisions. 


At this Industry Insights event, Rob Pickering, the AFL’s CTO, presented on Diversity, Innovation and the Skills for Tech in the following areas:

  • Playing the field: How AFL's early adoption of new technologies is creating a winning customer experience

  • Advancing progress: How leaders can move the ball forward for greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Kicking goals: The key skills and tools tech professionals need to stay in the game in a rapidly changing job market


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