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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Building and Sustaining Trust in Data


As Australia’s technology sector continues to grow, how we protect privacy and ensure data security is a concern to all tech professionals. The insights revealed by our speakers will go a long way to forming policies now and in the future.​


Following on from the launch of the publication, ‘Data and the Digital Self: What the 21st Century Needs’, the panel presented ideas concerning the development of ethical and reliable data practices to govern the use of data while maintaining its value and safety.​

  • The impact of the accelerating pace of data use / digitisation  

  • How trust is an ongoing process of engagement and improvement

  • The critical role that gaining and maintaining a community's trust plays in relation to the deployment of AI and data-informed technologies. 

  • What is country-centred design and the impact of indigenous AI protocols

  • The availability of tools to help manage data with confidence and the importance of trust in the tech world 


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