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ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series - Bob  Hennessy


In managing disruption in a tough industrial sector and volatile business conditions, CIO Bob Hennessy will cover how Lendlease is focused on leveraging emerging technologies to unlock value for their customers, industry, environment and community.


ACS Industry Insights Leaders Series features some of the ICT industry’s most respected leaders. The series explores innovation, challenges and opportunities in tech and considers what might be in store in ICT’s constantly evolving world.



Construction, sustainability and technology


LendLease is harnessing innovation and emerging digital technology to dynamically respond to individual and asset needs within an industry on the cusp of significant change.

Join us at this upcoming ACS Industry Insight Leaders Series event on Thursday 25 June, where Bob Hennessy, CIO of LendLease will cover:

  • Driving technology within companies on the cusp of significant change.
  • Managing disruption in tough industrial sectors and volatile business conditions.
  • Reality over hype and a business leader’s role in fully engaging with how a business might operate with the enablement now possible through technology.

  • Getting the corporate structure right within an organisation to empower the technology teams and projects.



About the speaker


Bob Hennessy is the Group CIO of Lendlease and has been associated with technology enabled business change for over 40 years. Bob has worked in executive management roles for over half of that time with CIO roles in four industries and as a COO (in Telecommunications) for 2 years. In 2008 Bob joined BearingPoint less than 12 months before having to deal with taking the company private as the CEO following the failure of the global company. After three years leading the private company Bob then lead the sale to the leading Chinese IT Services company, leaving in 2015 to pursue the opportunity with Lendlease.

Bob’s experience as an executive in tough industrial sectors (Steel manufacturing, transport and construction) and volatile business conditions (banking and telecommunications, and running his private consultancy through the GFC) have given him rare combination of rich experiences which are invaluable for companies on the cusp of significant change. His long history starting as a software developer and project manager and his combination of client side and sell side roles coupled with his seven years of entrepreneurial experience bring a depth and breadth of first person experience that is extremely rare. 

Bob has just finished 20 years in sports (soccer) administration at club and association level and still plays the game. He is also still an occasional cricketer and golfer and enjoys few things more than playing music with others. Bob has 7 children and 11 grandchildren.


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