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Join ACS as an international member

ACS is proud to have members living and working in over 90 countries. No matter where you are in the world or what your tech interests are, ACS membership will equip you with the right skills and knowledge.

Join ACS international member

Technology professionals living overseas receive a 33% discount on ACS membership.


If you live overseas, your ACS membership includes:

  • Connection to Australia’s largest community of tech professionals and international networks

  • Invitations to Industry Insight Leaders Series and other premium events, either live-streamed or pre-recorded and exclusive to ACS members 

  • Use of 44,500 digital learning videos to help you fill any skills gaps in your resume – all mapped to SFIA and recorded as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours

  • Further study options including ACS short courses, professional accreditation programs and post-graduate qualifications

  • Complimentary subscription to our flagship publication 'Information Age' each week to keep you up to date with the latest in tech 

To become an ACS member, you must abide by the ACS Code of Ethics which promotes the highest standards of professional excellence. 


As the trusted leader of the tech sector, we champion the technologies, people and skills critical to Australia's future.


International membership – your questions answered


The fee schedule for new and current members as 22 June 2023 is as follows: 



Living within Australia  

(incl. GST)

Living outside Australia
Associate, Member, Senior Member, Fellow$374.00
Full-time Student Concession $72.00 $65.00 
1st Year Graduate Concession $72.00$65.00
2nd Year Graduate Concession $187.00$170.00
Retiree Concession $72.00$65.00
Certification Application Fee$346.50 $315.00 


Join now

The Professional Partner Program (PPP) support employers and organisations with an all-round approach to the professional development of your tech workforce, allowing your staff or representatives to join ACS as individuals under a group arrangement.



15% of all membership fees reinvested in your workforce


When your organisation becomes an ACS professional partner, 15% of all membership fees you pay are re-invested with you, the partner, to use on professional development courses or other ACS initiatives




Your own PPP account manager


To ensure the PPP arrangement remains relevant and continues to meet your organisation’s needs, ACS assigns an account manager to conduct regular reviews to discuss activities and initiatives.




Are you an employee of a PPP organisation? 


If have been offered you ACS membership via your employer, they can provide you with their PPP application link. Alternatively, contact ACS on +61 (0) 2 9299 3666  or email acsppp@acs.org.au


Other important information


If you have previously been an ACS Member, you can apply for a reinstatement by completing this form and forwarding it to Member Services. When reinstated, you will retain your previous membership grade or equivalent.


For full details of membership eligibility criteria, view the ACS Membership Guidelines.

To be eligible for concessional membership, you need to meet one of the following criteria: 

  • Retired: You have been a full-fee paying ACS member for two consecutive years and have retired from regular employment. Should you return to paid work you must notify ACS in writing so your retired membership status can be changed. Normal benefits and services apply.

  • Unemployed: You have been a full-fee-paying ACS member for a minimum of two consecutive years but are unable to work due to disability, ill health or parental obligation. Normal benefits and services apply.

  • Continuing: You have been a full-fee-paying ACS member for a minimum of two consecutive years but expect to be out of Australia for more than 12 months. No benefits or services will be available; your membership is effectively placed on hold. 

  • Post Graduate Student: If you have been a full-fee-paying ACS member for a minimum of two consecutive years and are undertaking full-time post graduate studies in a tech discipline at an Australian institution.  Written evidence confirming full-time status is required (e.g. a copy of enrolment confirmation). Student benefits and services apply.

To apply, complete an application for admission into a Special Category of Membership and email to memberservices@acs.org.au

If you can demonstrate you are a current full-fee-paying member of one of the overseas peer societies listed below, you can receive a 20 percent discount on the annual ACS full membership fee. 

  • Association for Computing Machinery

  • British Computer Society

  • Canadian Information Processing Society

  • Computer Society of India

  • Computer Society of Pakistan

  • Computer Society of South Africa

  • Computer Society of Sri Lanka

  • Hong Kong Computer Society

  • Malaysian National Computer Confederation

  • Mozambique Computer Society (AMPETIC)

  • Institute of IT Professionals NZ (formerly NZ Computer Society)

  • Singapore Computer Society

Apply for overseas membership to ACS


Please Note: The discount only applies if you are a current full-fee-paying member with the peer society and you are joining ACS as a secondary society. You will need to provide financial evidence of your membership with the first society each year to claim the ACS membership discount.

All ACS members must satisfy the criteria set out in the ACS Membership Guidelines.



This is an entry level and open grade membership. It applies to individuals who do not have an ACS certification, students, graduates from an institute not accredited by ACS or non-technical employees in a tech orgnaisation (e.g. sales and marketing).



An ACS Member (MACS) is qualified as a Certified Technologist (CT) or Certified Professional (CP) and can illustrate they have acquired the Core Body of Knowledge through demonstrated equivalence and follow ACS Code of Ethics.



Senior Member 

An ACS Senior Member (MACS Snr) has at least 10 years of professional industry experience with a minimum of five years in Senior ICT Management and is a qualified Certified Professional (CP).



An ACS Fellow (FACS) has made a prominent contribution to the tech sector in Australia and is a member of the professional division of ACS. To nominate a fellow, download the ACS Fellow Nomination Form and ACS Fellow Nomination Guidelines.




Get ACS Certified

Become an ACS Certified Professional (CP) or Certified Technologist (CT) to gain industry recognition of your tech skills and knowledge. Read more about professional certifications and how to apply.


Professional Year in IT Program

The ACS Professional Year Program in IT is a job-readiness program that bridges the gap between study and employment, equipping graduates with professional skills for a successful tech career.


ACS Accreditation Program

ACS-accredited universities and higher education colleges provide high-quality, industry-recognised courses and qualifications.