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Tech skills for the next generation


Digital Technologies education in Australian schools




This report provides a roadmap for the Australian Government, state and territory governments, and the education sector over the next five years to best support teachers to deliver high-quality and engaging programs in Digital Technologies for Australian primary and secondary school students.


The goal is to better engage young Australians in Digital Technologies through their school years. This will equip them with the essential digital technology capabilities for their future participation in society and encourage more young people to pursue technology-related careers


The recommendations in this report are informed by the most recent ACS survey of Australian primary and secondary schools conducted in 2023. This survey provides insights into what is and is not working well in teaching the Digital Technologies Curriculum, and where further support could be provided to teachers to increase student engagement and participation.


 ACS partnered with Australian Survey Research to conduct the 2023 survey, and with the ANU’s Tech Policy Design Centre (TPDC) to explore the policy implications of the survey results. This report builds on the previous ACS survey from 2020, which is discussed in the report Computer education in Australian schools 2022: Enabling the next generation of IT professionals.