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ACS Digital Pulse 2023 - 9th Edition


Bombshell technologies. Reskill priorities.


This year, the ninth edition of ACS Digital Pulse 2023 reveals Australia’s technology sector is at a crossroads. Further growth driven by new technologies awaits on the horizon but progress is threatened to be derailed by a shortage of skills needed to capitalise.


ACS Digital Pulse 2023 delivers critical insights and a roadmap to success.


Australia is not on track to build the skills required. 


ACS five-point roadmap.


In response to these findings, ACS Digital Pulse 2023 presents a roadmap to prosperity built on five foundational recommendations:

  1. Create a national digital skills strategy to address the skills challenge and track progress

  2. Upskill Australia’s workforce through a skills-first framework

  3. Drive diversity by ensuring 500K women are in tech by 2030, along with better-utilising migrants’ skills

  4. Guide 46,000 upskilled workers through a Career Transition Scheme and a program of tech career mentoring in schools

  5. Build a skills platform creating a ‘no wrong door’ marketplace for 60,000 professionals


Australia’s tech sector is critical to the economy and the prosperity of all Australians. As such, ACS Digital Pulse 2023 is essential reading.


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ACS Digital Pulse is the annual, pre-eminent report on the state of Australia’s tech sector, delivering the developments, trends and opportunities shaping the technology sector.


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