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ACS Australia's Digital Pulse 2021


ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse report provides a snapshot of Australia’s digital economy, workforce, and policy landscape, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics on behalf of ACS. This year's release comes as Australia recovers from last year's COVID shutdowns. The report shows the opportunities and potential the ICT sector offer the nation over the next five years along with a snapshot of the industry's performance over the past twelve months.

Australia’s better-than-expected economic performance over the past year was partly due to technology enabling businesses to adapt to a dramatically changing and uncertain environment. The pandemic illustrated the importance of government and private sector investment in IT, where industries with higher levels of digital literacy proved more resilient than those less adept.

The demand for workers was shown by employment growing more than three times greater than the broader workforce. The report also highlights that out of the 600 skills classifications in Australian industry, more than 75% of them require at least one technology aspect, illustrating how important the ICT sector is to society.

In the report, we also look at the ‘hard’ technology skills being demanded by industry along with the ‘soft’ skills expected by employers when they look to employing ICT workers. Download the full report to explore its key findings about Australia’s digital economy in 2021 and beyond.