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ACS Australia's Digital Pulse 2020


ACS Australia’s Digital Pulse report provides a snapshot of Australia’s digital economy, workforce, and policy landscape, prepared by Deloitte Access Economics on behalf of ACS. The publication’s analysis of Australia’s ICT sector, the increasing use of digital technologies, and key enablers of future growth, provide a platform and evidence base for broader public discussion on digital issues. Below are the major takeaways from the report.

This year, the report has a dedicated chapter on benchmarking Australia’s digital economy in terms of international competitiveness with other developed economies of the world. The benchmarking shows that Australia is falling behind in international competitiveness. Becoming an international leader in digital skills and employment would require an additional 388,000 workers in technology roles.

The global impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the urgency of moving to a truly digital economy. Many businesses across Australia and the globe had to pivot quickly to leverage digital assets and services and find new ways to thrive in a post-pandemic environment. The Australian economy will look to the ICT sector to be a major driver of job creation in the road to recovery post COVID-19. Furthermore, restrictions on migration have led to a sharp fall in the inflow of migrant workers who usually make up an important part of Australia’s technology workforce. This poses new challenges as to how Australia will source the world’s best tech talent in a globally competitive market. The report identifies six key policy focus areas to improve the performance and competitiveness of Australia’s digital economy and workforce. Download the full report to explore its key findings about Australia’s digital economy.