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Call for Expressions of Interest in ACS Advisory Boards and Committees

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Are you a national and international leader in your field?  If so, ACS would be delighted to hear from you as we seek candidates to participate on our Advisory Boards and Committees for the next 18 months.

As the professional association for Australia’s information and communications technology (ICT) sector, the ACS is passionate about the ICT profession being recognised as a driver of innovation and business – able to deliver real, tangible outcomes.

We are expertly assisted by three high-level Advisory Boards; Profession, Technical and Member who provide foresighting advice and resource development validation to ensure ACS continues to evolve as a modern and contemporary Professional Body.

Nominations are now open for the following Committees:

  • Diversity Committee (a Committee of the Member Advisory Board)
  • Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)
  • Blockchain Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)
  • Data Sharing Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)
  • Internet of Things Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)
  • Cyber Security Committee (a Committee of the Technical Advisory Board)
  • Professional Education Governance Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)
  • Ethics Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)
  • ICT Educators Committee (a Committee of the Profession Advisory Board)

Chairs and Vice Chairs will be elected from each Committee and appointed by those positions to the respective Board with the exception of the Diversity Committee where only the elected Chair will be appointed to the Membership Advisory Board.

In leveraging the knowledge capital of our members, ACS performs an important role in influencing the national agenda, and providing technical leadership in emerging technology areas.  As such, the criteria for successful candidature on a Board or Committee is set consciously high. 

Selection criteria includes:

1. Expertise

  • Is actively engaged in the profession and/or professional practice of ICT (Mandatory)
  • Is a recognised thought leader (Mandatory)
  • Has relevant qualifications and/or prior learning (Desirable)

2. Networks and Spheres of Influence

  • Has relevant government relationships and connections (Desirable)
  • Has relevant industry connections (Desirable)

3. Accountable

  • Can deliver committee objectives & measures (Mandatory)
  • Commercially astute (Desirable)

4. Commitment and Passion

  • Can dedicate the time for formal & informal events / meetings and thinking (Mandatory)
  • Has a passion for the ICT industry and is aligned to ACS’ Vision and Strategy (Mandatory)
  • Is prepared to join the ACS if not already a member (Mandatory)
  • No conflicts of interest

5. Leadership Capabilities

  • Resilient (Mandatory)
  • Flexible (Mandatory)
  • Strong communicator - written and verbal (Mandatory)
  • Strategic Thinker (Desirable)
  • Influential (Desirable)

Interested applicants should send an expression of interest via [email protected] and include:

  • Up to 300 words on the contribution they can make & why they’re interested
  • One page CV or a link to their LinkedIn profile
  • Optional: Up to two pages addressing the selection criteria

These roles are limited to ACS members, and are unpaid voluntary contributions to your profession.

Expressions of interest must be received by Close of Business on the 11th of July.

Expectations of Committees can be found in the appendix of the Board Terms of Reference:

Membership Advisory Board

Profession Advisory Board

Technical Advisory Board