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Catching the next wave - register now for the ACS EdXN: Future of Work

Monday, 20 Mar 2017

EdXN: Automation: Future of Work

Welcome to the automation age. The next great revolution. Rapid advances in technology, new disruptive companies, and globalisation have significantly increased customer expectations and competitive pressures. Automation offers the opportunity for companies to improve customer experience, employee productivity and operational effectiveness. While automation is not new, advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies are enabling a future where machines not only perform a range of human work activities but profoundly change the future of work. 

The most successful and innovative companies will understand the critical role of automation for digitising core processes and delivering new customer experiences. These companies will harness automation to improve quality and agility, lower costs and focus the workforce on high value activities that delight the customer. Companies that are able to achieve this will improve customer loyalty and employee engagement, and open up new revenue opportunities while driving operational efficiencies. This will lead to improved brand, market position, and profit.

Topics covered in this presentation include:
*What are the trends driving the automation age at work?
*What are the current and future automation capabilities?
*How is automation being used at work today and tomorrow?
*What are the skills and jobs of the future?
*How to get started and succeed in your automation journey? 

About EdXN

Education Across the Nation (EdXN) is a signature part of the ACS speaker series. Held quarterly, EdXN presents topical experts sharing insights about the ICT sector today and in the future. EdXN is a highly valued event attracting ICT professionals from a wide range of industries.

Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Venue: Hyatt Hotel Canberra. Black Mountain & Murrumbidgee Room. 120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra.

CP Hours:    2

Registration: click here