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Undergo a formal Certification Assessment on Thursday 6 April – limited appointments available

Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017

Why become an ACS Certified Professional?

Stand-out from the crowd

A certification assessment from ACS demonstrates your skills and knowledge in the marketplace against an independent, and internationally recognised benchmark. ACS has undertaken formal skills assessment of nearly 100,000 ICT professionals over the last decade assuring your customers and employer of the skills and knowledge you hold.

Be the Trusted Advisor to your clients

Certification means you hold the primacy of the public interest at the center of your approach, working by the ACS code of ethics, and committed to continuing to build your skills and knowledge base.

Best position yourself for career success

ACS employment surveys consistently demonstrate that Certified Professionals earn more than those holding vendor certifications alone.

Prepare for the jobs that don’t yet exist

Don’t try to pick winners in the next disruptive technology stakes. ACS certification is technology agnostic, vendor agnostic and focuses on transferrable skills and relevance to employers and your customers.

To become a Certified Professional or a Certified Technologist, you will need to undergo a formal Certification assessment. This assessment will analyse your skills and competencies as demonstrated by your education and experience.

Assessment will be held at the ACS offices in South Melbourne on Thursday April 6th.  The assessment runs for 40 mins and is in the form of a face to face interview.

Cost of Certification is $346.50. Inclusive of GST.

For more information on the program, please click here. Alternatively, you can contact:

Henry Louey
Director, Professional Certifications at ACS
[email protected]