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ACS Victoria kicks off the first Branch Forum for 2017

Thursday, 09 Mar 2017

Last night, more than 150 individuals gathered at the March Branch Forum.

Dr Mahesh Prakash, Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Data61, provided a thought-provoking presentation on climate change and how Data61 and other business units at CSIRO are working towards addressing the significant challenge using novel modelling, workflow, data analytics and model-data fusion techniques.

Prior to Mahesh’s presentation, Maria Markman, Chair of ACS Victoria and Ian Wells, Chair of the Fellows committee, presented our newest Victorian Fellow, Julie James. Julie was a role model for women in IT in the profession's earliest days. 

During this time, the opportunity was taken to personally thank a number of ACS Victoria Fellows and Honorary Life Members who were in attendance in appreciation of their outstanding contribution and ongoing commitment to the profession.

We would like to thank these members for joining us last night and those who unfortunately could not make it.

Julie James

(From left to right:) Maria Markman, Chair of ACS Victoria, Julie James, Fellow and Ian Wells, Chair of the Victorian Fellows committee

Fellows and HLM'sA number of Victorian Fellows and Honorary Life Members who attended last nights Member Forum.