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Calling all Women in ICT

Monday, 06 Mar 2017


Develop your business leadership skills with a scholarship.

Have you worked in IT for a while and would like to take a step up but don’t have management experience?

Women and Leadership Australia (WLA) is offering part-scholarships to women in ICT who are interested in developing their leadership skills.

The scholarships, offered at three different levels, support part-time courses overseen by the Australian School of Applied Management.

“One of the key outcomes at our year-launch committee meeting was a commitment to re-double our focus on the gender/leadership balance within the IT sector through the provision of a pool of scholarship funding to females working across this vital industry,” said Alistair Young of WLA.

The program is a mix of face-to-face and online learning modules. The face-to-face sessions are held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

The available scholarships are as follows:

1. Aspiring talent and emerging women managers can apply for $3,000 part-scholarships to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program (18-week course)

2. Mid-level female managers and leaders can apply for $4,000 part-scholarships to undertake the Executive Ready Program (7-month course)

3. Senior management and executive level women leaders can apply for $8,000 part-scholarships to undertake theAdvanced Leadership Program (12-month course).

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