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Register for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation SIG: From idea to start-up growth

Thursday, 02 Mar 2017

In this session, we will hear from two distinct leaders from both the ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘innovation’ areas of start-ups.

Innovation - What Blockchain can do for you?

James KydDuring this part of the presentation, James Kyd will talk about potential applications of Blockchain technology across different industry verticals.  

Public Ledger technologies are maturing beyond Bitcoin and are finding new business applications in traditional industries. VC firms and investors are placing their bets on the blockchain because there is untapped potential. E.g. Identity management, international contracts, and all sorts of complicated bank transactions can be greatly altered with the public ledger system. James' presentation will provide a primer on Blockchain and the new frontiers that are being explored as well as some tested techniques for identifying such opportunities in your sector.

Entrepreneurship - From idea to start-up

Barry NguyenUnder the ‘entrepreneurship’ theme, Barry Nguyen will talk about how to pick-up a business idea, validate it, nurture it and develop it to a stage where one is ready to ‘start-up’.

Not all ideas are worth pursuing, but some of them can be game-changers! If you have ever thought of an interesting idea (or multiple ideas) but are not sure how to really go about taking the next steps and developing it, Barry will share his experience as well as some of the industry best practices about it.

Date:Tuesday 28 March, 2017
Time:5:30pm registration for a 6:00pm start
Venue:            VIEU Conference rooms, Clarendon Street, Southbank
Speakers:James Kyd, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Blockchain Consulting Group
Barry Nguyen, Tech Entrepreneur

For more information and to register, please click here.