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What are your earliest memories of our industry?

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017


 Help us make history with your story.
 The Australian Computer Society is collecting an Oral History of the ICT industry in Australia. It is an important part of their 50th Anniversary Heritage project.

Are you able to share your memories recorded on a mobile phone or an MP3 recorder using a standardised format, as set out below.

ACS will then have the audio files transcribed as a permanent record of our industry and will send a copy to you. The material may also be used in the history the ACS has commissioned. Be aware, the ACS will retain the copyright to this material – see copyright notice below.

Overall Guidelines

  • Use a mobile phone voice recording function, or any device (e.g. iPad) that records MP3 files.
  • Please keep the overall length to 15-20 minutes.
  • Please stick to the questions below. There is ample room for comments and observations.
  • Keep it short! Keep it simple!
  • Send ACS the MP3 file.
  • They will send you a copy of the transcription.
  • Also, please let ACS know of any records (paper or electronic) you’d like to share.
    For more information, click here.