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Filming for Technology Career Wheel

Monday, 27 Feb 2017

ACS Foundation is calling for Members to participate in filming a short video talking about their career journey, to promote careers in technology to high school students.

This video footage will be used as a link for the interactive Technology Career Wheel and will be launched at Big Day In, on 28 & 29 March at UTS Sydney.

The production company will be filming on 9 & 10 March at ACS offices, Level 11, 50 Carrington Street, Sydney between 8am to 5pm each day and will take a maximum of 30 minutes per person.

Please contact, Kerrie Bisaro, ACS Foundation, 02 8296 4444 or email to register/participate and for further details.

What we are looking for…

* Members aged up to 35 years, including entrepreneurs, whose career aligns with roles on the Technology Career Wheel.

* You can mention the organisation you’re working for, as long as they are comfortable with you doing so (or you can talk about your career without mentioning the organisation you work for)

* Target audience – high school students interested in studying/ pursuing a career in technology

* Be engaging and enthusiastic

* Limit technical jargon or acronyms

Basic Content Outline of the video:

* Introduction

  o Name (maybe first name only) ie I’m John and I’m a software engineer

  o Age

  o Role & Organisation

* What did you see yourself doing after high school?

* How did you become interested in your current field?

* What type of education/ training did you complete?

  o University?

  o Graduate Program?

  o Volunteer?

* About your role

  o What do you enjoy?

  o What is your typical day at work like?

* Importance/ significance of your role

* Where do you see yourself in 5 – 10 years?

  o Goals?

* If students were interested in doing what you do, what should they do in the mean time?

* Any advice

For further information and to register/book for filming, please contact:

Kerrie Bisaro, ACS Foundation, 02 8296 4444/0417 409 069 or email