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Julie James elected to Fellow of ACS

Thursday, 09 Feb 2017

Julie James
A Fellow is the highest grade of membership in the ACS, and is one of the formal ways in which the ACS can recognise an outstanding contribution to the profession. The FACS post nominal indicates that the ACS recognises the individual has made an outstanding contribution to the development of ICT in Australia.

ACS Victoria would like to congratulate Julie James on becoming the most recent Victorian Fellow.

Julie has made a distinguished contribution to ICT in the field of data modelling at a national and international level. She has influenced systems engineering policy setting in early computing exercising and had considerable thought leadership of that time.

She worked to promote the Australian Software Industry by leading and supporting advanced system development projects, and IS and IT strategic planning at both a corporate and national level. Julie worked to promote IT-related knowledge methods that improved the use of IT.  

In the academic arena, Julie was an early pioneer in the widespread application of industry experience to IS course development and research. She was responsible for introducing fact based data modelling to Australia and demonstrating its effectiveness in requirements analysis.

Julie was a role model for women in IT in the profession's earliest days.

We are looking forward to welcoming Julie as Fellow at an upcoming ACS Victoria event.