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Maria Markman, Chair of ACS Victoria on why adopting diversity within the workplace is important

Friday, 03 Feb 2017

This past week, I have engaged in a number of conversations around diversity, particularly around the controversial political choices that are currently being made in the United States and the firsthand effects that it is having around the world.

I believe that within an organisation that adopts and encourages diversity in the workplace, individuals from various backgrounds are able to work together and bring various aptitudes and experiences, all of which contribute to building a harmonious and successful business.  Where diversity in the workplace is not present and there are communicative barriers there is a possibility that organisations are deprived of multiple perspectives and experiences and has little room to grow and innovate.

I urge you join us on Wednesday 22 February to hear from our diversity champions who have, in their organisations or work life, established diversity within the workplace and witnessed the business successes that has come as a result of adopting diversity.

Kind regards,

Maria Markman

Maria Markman
Chair, ACS Victoria 

Event Details
Date:Wednesday 22 February, 2017
Time:7:00am for a 7:30am start
Venue:                Zinc - Federation Square, Melbourne CBD
Cost:ACS Members - $75.00 (FITT, Vic ICT for Women & PMI members)
Non Members - $95.00

For more information and to register, please click here.

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