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ACS & ECU Workshop - Sigh-ber Changing Mindsets, Presented by Prof. Craig Valli

Friday, 20 Jan 2017

This presentation will cover language and hyperbole in current cyber security reporting. It will look at how much of the current reporting is not sending the correct messages about cyber criminality, cyber exposures and consequence. Current dialogue demonstrates a severe lack of understanding by reporters and self-proclaimed experts with conversations still stuck at passwords and hackers.
About Professor Craig Valli

Director, ECU Security Research Institute

Craig’s diverse career has evolved from working within the secondary education sector to his currently position as the Director of ECU’s Security Research Institute and Fellow of the Australian Computer Society.

His area of expertise is cyber security, an area that has rapidly developed in both importance and relevance as we become increasingly dependent on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to run our economies and many facets of everyday life.

Craig has worked in the ICT education and research sector his entire life, initially in the secondary sector, teaching ICT for a period of 12 years. In addition to this, Craig was part owner and director of one of Perth’s first Internet Service providers (Global Data Access) in 1995. Focusing on a new direction in his career, he re-entered postgraduate study in 1999 at ECU, completing a Masters of Management Information Systems (Deans List) in 2000 and then commencing his Doctorate. Shortly thereafter he joined ECU’s School of Management Information Systems as Lecturer (Computer Security) and in 2007 became Head of the School of Computer and Information Science, currently known as the School of Science.  

In 2009, Craig became a Professor of Digital Forensics and ECU was recognized by the Australian Computer Society as being a Centre of Expertise in Security.   2012 saw Craig appointed to his current position of Director of the ECU Security Research Institute (ECU SRI).

Craig regularly consults with industry and government, focusing on securing networks and critical infrastructures, detection of network borne threats, forensic analysis of cyber security incidents, network security and digital forensics. 

He has an active research profile with in excess of 100 publications to his name.

Date: Wednesday 8th February 2017

Time: 8:45AM Registration for 9AM Start - Concludes 1230PM


Edith Cowan University Mt Lawley Campus

Room 157 - Lecture Theatre 3 

CP Hours:    5

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