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Social Media BYOD Masterclass: Your Online Roadmap

Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016


When navigating the uncharted interstellar territories of the Internet it is always important to know where you’re going, and why.

This 2 hour, hands-on tour with the Internet Sherpa Ming Johanson will leave you with actionable steps towards the top of the Social Media & Internet mountain.

About the Facilitator: Ming Johanson

Ming Johanson is a regular contributor on 6PR as their Social Media Expert, voted Leader of Influence 3 years in a row and is on the BEC for ACS WA. She speaks on leadership, social change, diversity & social media.

The social nerd behind OTOTGo, Ming works with organisations to strategise their social media, as well as create supporting sales & marketing behaviors to increase profit.


When: Thursday 16th March, 2017 @ 930am

Where: Pan Pacific Perth, 207 Adelaide Tce PERTH WA 6000

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Then Join Us!

Following this Masterclass will the ACS WA State Conference, for which you can register by simply clicking HERE