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ACS Canberra - Ongoing 50th anniversary membership recognition

Tuesday, 05 Apr 2016

The 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with exciting events and membership recognition.

This month, it is with pleasure that we recognise some of our long standing (and still active) members of ACS Canberra (continued) :

Member nameJoined Date
Member nameJoined Date
Member nameJoined Date
Don Bartley1978
Peter Lambert1981
Peter Lomas1983
Edna Dundas1979
Stephen Caldicott1981
Marshall Silver1983
Jurij Bondaruk1980
Dale Mackrell1982
Bruce Green1983
Brock Bryce1980
Robin Tayler1982
Kevin Black1983
Trevor Mann1980
Anne Reid1982
Tony Ashcroft1983
Denis Warne1980
Edwin Gibbons1982
Donald Giorgio1984
Steve Fielding1980
Neville Schroder1982
Tom Worthington1984
John Veld1980
Colin Stubbings1982
Steven Fraser1984
Neil Pinkerton1981
Leonard Whyte1982
Stephen Kemp1984
Peter Warren1981
John Henderson1982
Renzo Gobbin1984
Paul Gardner1981
Dianne Henderson1982
Roger Penhale1984
Steven Cheah1981
Andrew Freeman1982
Neil Doody1984
John Alcock1981
Grant Cribb1983
Eric Wong1985

Please contact us via email  to  [email protected] or call 02 6143 5503 as soon as possible if you found your membership joined date is incorrect.