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2016 ACS Victoria Student Ambassadors

Thursday, 31 Mar 2016

On Wednesday 23 March, ACS Victoria met with four students who are currently studying ICT at some of Victoria’s leading universities. Representatives from RMIT, Monash, University of Melbourne and Victoria University came along to the meeting to discuss plans for 2016 that will help drive innovation and enhance the reputation of the ICT sector within Victoria.

In addition to being a champion for ACS, the student ambassador’s role will be to empower the new generation by meeting and sharing experiences with industry newcomers and playing an active role in planning workshops and social events at their respective universities.  

ACS Victoria is looking forward to working closely with this year’s student ambassadors to help create awareness and offer opportunity to young IT professionals.

Are you interested in becoming a student ambassador? We are looking for representatives from both Federation University and Deakin University to play an active role in our profession, drive innovation and enhance the reputation of ICT. For more information or to express your interest, please contact