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ACS Canberra - Ongoing 50th anniversary membership recognition

Wednesday, 09 Mar 2016

The 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with exciting events and membership recognition.

This month, it is with pleasure that we recognise some of our long standing (and still active) members of ACS Canberra - :

Member nameJoined date
Member nameJoined date
Member nameJoined date
Barry Smith1965
Helen Austin1970
Roger Clarke1974
Bernard Crowe1966
Mick Roche1970
Michael Kennedy1975
Robert Thompson1966
John Davies1970
Michael Adena1975
Godfrey Lance1966
John Coghlan1971
Hendrik Thijssens1976
John O'Callaghan1966
Ross Shorney1971
Antonio Danaro1976
Huw Owen-Jones1967
Henning Hansen1971
John Urbani1977
Brand Hoff1968
Michael Bowern1965
Gerard Johnson1977
Michael Heap1968
Peter Outteridge1972
Richard Holden1977
John Austin1968
Glenton Nicolson1973
Geoff Murray-Prior1978
John Smith1969
Dominic Circosta1973
John Rogers1978
Michael Duffy1969
David Wolstencroft1973
Howard Viccars1978
Jennifer Cooper1970
Penelope Collings1973
Max Shanahan1978