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Future of Work Raises Stakes for all Australians

Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016


Expert panel discusses what we need to overcome.

A panel of experts involved in the creation of a new report on the future of work in Australia have highlighted what they see as the main risks stemming from it.

The CSIRO-led report, entitled Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce, is a collaboration between government, CSIRO and industry, including ACS.

The report highlights expected changes in Australian workplaces and workforces over the next 20 years and how individuals, businesses, industries and governments might be able to prepare.

Though some job types could be lost to automation, others are likely to be created. However, it is unclear at present where some opportunities could lie, and some of the report’s co-authors and contributors saw that as a risk to Australia’s future prosperity.

Secretary of the Department of Employment Renée Leon told a launch event in Sydney for the report that she believed the transition path for today’s workers into tomorrow’s workforce would be a major risk for Australia.

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