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EdXN: INNOVATING INNOVATIONS: Creating the Next Generations of Empowerment

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016

The future is filled with unlimited possibility. Imagine 7+ billion connected minds, as we explore the convergence of computing, networked sensors, and artificial intelligence to solve the biggest challenges facing humankind. From synthetic biology to 3D printing, the future will be barely recognizable today.

Success in shaping our future is uncertain. A post-internet, post-mobile world will disrupt the world’s economies and our social construct. As the return on investment in capital and technology is greater than in people, jobless economic growth may increasingly become a reality. Governance models will be challenged as the difference between global and local blur.

Innovation has been and will continue to be our greatest tool in our journey ahead. Yet, the extent and pace of technology-enabled change will require something greater. Innovating innovation will be essential and require a provocative vision for what is possible, strategies that utilize design thinking practices, agile development, and other tools not yet before us, and shared execution.

Chris Vein will provide a framework to understand and participate in the creation of a future of possibility.

Described by FedInsider as “innovating innovation itself,” Mr. Chris Vein is the Founder of Dome Advisory Services. In addition, he is Chief Innovation Advisor to the Securities Industry Research Centre of Asia-Pacific (SIRCA), and Founding Chair of the Knowledge Economy Institute in the University of Technology Sydney.

Previously, Mr. Vein was the Chief Innovation Officer for Global Technology Development at the World Bank. In that capacity, Chris leads the implementation of the World Bank’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy, ICT policy and engagement dialogue with internal and external clients, and global ICT knowledge and expertise with client countries.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Chris was the Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Over the past two award-winning decades, Chris has had the honor of serving four Presidents of the United States, thousands of professional association practitioners around the world, for-profit consulting organizations, and local government organizations.

Chris is a sought-after commentator and speaker, quoted in a wide range of news sources from the Economist to Inc. Magazine.

When: Tuesday 15th March, 2016 / 5:00 Registration - 5:30 Start

Where: State Library Theatre of WA, 25 Francis Street, Perth WA 6000

Register HERE