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Govt Urged to Start Preparing NBN for Sale

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016


Even if it has no immediate plans to sell.

The Government should start scoping NBN’s sale “in the near term”, even if it has no intention to sell before the network is finished, a new infrastructure reform plan advises.

Infrastructure Australia’s 15-year plan recommends the Government commission a “scoping study to assess the most appropriate approach, structure and timing to deliver a privatised NBN model.”

The plan recommends this occur “in the near term”, at a time when it acknowledges the Government and NBN are most likely to be focused on ensuring “the efficient rollout of an open-access, wholesale-only, fixed-line broadband network.”

Though noting it “may” be desirable to defer the sale of the NBN until the network is complete, Infrastructure Australia did not think it was too early to start preparing NBN for an eventual sale.

It backed calls made by the Vertigan review to break NBN “into distinct business units” that would make the company easier to sell.

Infrastructure Australia said that NBN could be split along access technology or geographical lines.

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