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YIT Connect and ACS Foundation - Tuesday 22 March

Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016

Attracting: For Students and Young IT Professionals
ACS Young IT and ACS Foundation are holding this workshop to assist participants to improve their job interview performance. This program will assist students and Young IT professionals to develop their self-promotional skills and become ‘more attractive’ to a potential employer. These skills will be useful for participants throughout their careers.

Assistance is required from: Industry Experienced Volunteer Training Mentors
We are seeking four volunteer training assistants. Each of the assistants will work to support a number groups, of three people each, during the experience practice sessions at this workshop. They will be trained for about 30 to 45 minutes by John Price (the Workshop leader) before the starting time on how you can help and coach each of these participants. If interested please contact [email protected] or 02 8296 4480.

How this works

Sessions will commence with introduction materials and exercises designed to get everyone feeling comfortable in how they describe and present themselves. We will:
  • Analyse how each presents themselves
  • Conduct practice Triad sessions supported by experienced training mentors who will help hone each participant’s skills, techniques, interests and passions for the target job or for the promotion they seek.
  • The Triad sessions will build by practice each participant’s confidence so they present themselves in the most attractive manner possible.

Throughout all of these sessions, we will use and apply accelerated learning techniques and be assisted by an assigned and experienced Training Mentor.

Registration for this event is now closed.