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Industry Skills Fund - Assistance for Business in Skilling, Growing and Supporting your Workforce

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2016

The Industry Skills Fund (fund) assists businesses to invest in training and support services, and to develop innovative training solutions for business. 

If you are a micro, small or medium business and you are exploring a growth opportunity which requires your workforce to upskill or reskill, you may be eligible for support from the fund.

Businesses repositioning due to market driven structural adjustment can also apply.

The fund can provide you with an independent Skills Adviser, at no cost to eligible businesses, to understand your growth opportunities and t*o identify skills you may need to increase competitiveness and achieve growth opportunity. This free skills advice is tailored to your business.

The fund also provides a training grant that may be available for businesses who co-invest in skilling their workforces to meet the identified growth opportunity.

Training grants are provided on a co-contribution model where businesses must financially contribute to the proposed project depending on the size of your business determined by full time equivalent staff levels.

One or both of these assistance categories may be accessed depending on business need, eligibility and merit.

There are currently local Skills Advisers in the region, who are available to help you identify skills needs and maximise training outcomes. 

More detailed information about the Industry Skills Fund and the eligibility criteria can be found by phoning 13 28 46, visiting or speaking directly to one of their Skills Adviser, Alan Klemm