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Masterclass 19th May: Leadership & Innovation

Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016

Despite the imperative to adopt digital opportunities, many organisations are still too rigid and inflexible in the way they operate to readily adopt change. Introducing innovative change in many organisations can seem like a ‘David and Goliath battle’ - IMPOSSIBLE!

This Masterclass is for ICT professionals who want to take their capability to the next level. Today, those people who have the capability to lead change in their organisations can position their company for the future and differentiate themselves as effective leaders.

  • How to initiate change in organisations that are structured in a way that make introducing change challenging.
  • Four practical strategies to get others in your organisation onboard with innovative ICT strategies.
  • How to sustain changes so their value isn’t lost over time.
  • How to develop an agile or change responsive organisation.
  • Key insights required to be an effective leader of change. 

When: Thursday 19th May, 2016 (9am - 1130am)

Where: State Library of WA

Hosted by: Marcel Wilson, Human Sparks

Limited places available so secure your spot now! Register HERE