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ACS Canberra – Mentoring program update - February 2016

Tuesday, 09 Feb 2016

To get the year off to a good start ACS Canberra has re-launched the Mentoring programme for members.


This programme is one of the key elements in both encouraging members to succeed and also to allow highly skilled and passionate professionals to give back to our sector.

Late last year a call was issued to all those Senior Members interested in Mentoring and the programme received a high quality team of respondents from both Government and private sectors. The Mentors are led by former Chair of ACS Canberra, Mr Michael Hawkins, who has overseen the programme initialisation.

The call for Mentees also saw a good response with candidates at all stages of their career and working in all sectors, showing that the programme appeals to many members.

The initial meetings have commenced and the programme will be continually monitored to ensure that all parties are benefitting from the help.

If you wish to be either a Mentor or a Mentee please email and we will provide you with the appropriate application form and will start the process of mentoring.