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Why It May Be Time to Switch off Email and Push Email

Wednesday, 13 Jan 2016


Email psychology round two.

Psychology researchers have asked people to consider stopping email from constantly running in the background and to switch off push email to combat growing perceptions of pressure and stress.

The research by Britain’s Future Work Centre polls 2000 workers about how their behaviours and mindset when it comes to email creates “pressure and stress” at work and at home.

The survey asked respondents a series of questions relating to their “perception of the email experience”, including:

  • Whether they feel pressure from colleagues or clients to check email outside of working hours
  • If they feel pressure from family or friends to stop checking email when they’re with them
  • Whether work-related emails are the cause of arguments or friction in their personal life, and
  • If email allows them to work more efficiently, productively and in a more flexible way

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