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An Opportunity for Social Good

Thursday, 15 Dec 2016

An ACS Fellow is seeking the voluntary assistance of several members to help a person with an acquired brain injury learn how to use a computer.

Geoff suffered a massive brain haemorrhage in May 2015, and as a result now has limited use of his left side and some cognitive deficits, including significant problems with short term memory.  Apart from his disabilities, he is an intelligent man who has excellent verbal communication, a wicked sense of humour and a strong desire to recover more of his past abilities, including his ability to use a computer as a means of connecting with friends and the world.

Geoff has a new large scale touch screen computer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, and needs help in learning to use these resources. An initial six-month program with five hour-long tutorial sessions each week is envisioned.  

Geoff is currently an inpatient at Caulfield Hospital, and will soon transition to community accommodation, most likely in the eastern or south-eastern suburbs.

Volunteers will work with Geoff’s father, an ACS Fellow, to design and deliver Geoff’s tutorial program.  They will need to be able to travel to Geoff to provide the tuition.

To volunteer, please contact