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ACS names Nine Gold Disruptors in NSW for 2016

Monday, 12 Dec 2016

In early 2000, Gu Fang, one of the Associate Professors in Robotics and Megatronics course in Western Sydney University, was given the task to increase the robotics context in the course he is teaching.  He decided, after discussing with many colleagues, that they go for a focal point of mobile robotics.  He gives his students a lose target of what they need to do, in terms of the vehicle, the sensors or the programs that they can use, it's all open, so they can find whatever they want and whatever they can within the limit. 

"In this way, I get the students to thinking critically about what they're doing not just substituting numbers in.  If they come to me and say, 'No, this is wrong', then they go back substituting internal equations.  They need to tell me why this is right and why this is wrong."

Gu Fang is one of the nine passionate ICT practitioners in NSW to be recognised and named as Gold Disruptor at this year's ACS Digital Disruptors Awards.  Aside from Gu Fang, who won the award for ICT Educator of the Year category, two other individual awards were received by Athula Ginige for ICT Researcher of the Year category and Cameron Attard for ICT Student of the Year category.  Both are also from Western Sydney University.  Six team awards went to Sound Scouts, NSW Electoral Commission, Artis Group, NSW Rugby League Referees Association, ASG Group and Medical Director.  Click HERE to view complete details for NSW Gold Disruptors for 2016.DDA