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Book early and secure the best seats at The 2017 ACS WA State Conference / 16th March 2017 / Pan Pacific Perth

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2016

Proudly Sponsored by Diversus, Silver Sponsor of The ACS WA State Conference 2017

Following a successful Conference in 2016, ACS WA is now pleased to announce The ACS WA State Conference 2017, to be held on Thursday 16th March at the prestigious Pan Pacific Perth.

The ACS WA State Conference is ACS WA’s flagship annual event, bringing over 100 ICT professionals from a range of sectors in Industry, Government and Academia in Western Australia all under one roof over a half-day informative and engaging journey looking at the latest trends and developments in all things ICT.

It is also a unique opportunity to mix with fellow ICT professionals, exchange ideas and connect with new faces in the industry.

2017 will be an exciting year as we will cover the following areas:


Virtual and Augmented Reality embody the promised-land of computing.  The ability to bring computing into the real world, or to take you into a virtual world, is tantalisingly close.  Big industry names including Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft, are all working towards VR and AR solutions for consumer and business use.  How will this technology affect you and your business?   The barrier to access is getting lower, and soon may be via the ubiquitous smart phone or tablet device.  Learn what this could mean for you, and get excited about the potential of the new Reality.

Driverless Cars / Drones

Autonomous machines such as Driverless Vehicles, or Delivery Drones are gaining attention for both good and bad reasons.  Leading companies are looking at how they can utilise these new technologies to provide a more efficient, cost effective service to their customers.  What is the social impact?  Who is to blame if an autonomous vehicle crashes, causes an accident and harms someone?  Is it the owner, or the developer? While the debate around the laws, regulations and guiding principles for use are ongoing, the reality is that these technologies are already here in WA.

Big Data / Analytics

Big Data and Analytics are now commonplace in business whether in retail, production or primary industry. Having availability of information, captured across many points in your business, can give a competitive edge and get added value from your information.  Data Analytics is now being outsourced.  Integrated with the cloud services, the barrier to entry is lower than ever.  Come listen, and learn from case studies on business transformations through the use of Big Data and Data Analytics.

IoT (Cloud / Sensors)

The Internet of Things is all around us.  Cars, mobile phones or fridges, if they can collect data, they probably will.  You may not be in charge of this data, or ever see it, but someone can.  What picture does it paint of you?  Does your mobile phone know your calendar and habits better than your family?  Is your fridge judging you? Is your activity band running your life? The convenience of handing over decision-making in our life, may be at the cost of our privacy and freedom.  Learn what’s new in this space and evaluate your own position on this exciting topic.


Locking doors and hiding valuables is commonplace in our physical realm, yet with our digital security we often take a lax or uneducated view of things.  When we lose the key to our house, unless the address is attached, odds are the risk level is low.  When we lose a password, we can do a reset and set it to something we can remember. What happens when someone else loses your password?  Or they lose the personal data of thousands of people? High-profile incidents keep making the news.  Listen to case studies of some of the most significant security compromises of the last year.


Disruption as a term is almost passé.  We've all heard of the poster-children of disruption such as Uber or AirBNB, providing greater choice and lower prices to consumers. But are there more insidious forms of disruption at an individual or familial level?  What about social disruptions due to the rise of online or mobile gambling?  What of the disruption to media where people are taking it upon themselves to report news or find news that is unbiased, or alternatively heavily biased to their point of view?  The social impacts of these disruptions are significant and need careful consideration. Attend this session to find out more.


Reputation and confidence in the ICT industry is one of the keystones of our profession.  When failures make the headlines, the industry as a whole is tarnished. Even worse, some companies do not disclose problems until years later, is at all.  This robs us of vital opportunities to learn from others’ experience and improve our processes.  Our panel will discuss this and expose the elephant in the room.


In addition to the conference, the ACS will also be hosting Masterclasses in smaller function rooms at Pan Pacific Perth. Masterclasses are designed to provide attendees with practical and theoretical knowledge about particular ICT subject areas. This is an opportunity for people to gain an in-depth insight into a specific area/topic of interest.

Registerations Open, click HERE to secure your seat!

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