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ACS 2016 National Election Notification

Wednesday, 02 Nov 2016

ACS National Elections – Call For Nominations

Nominations are called for the positions of Vice President (Academic Boards), Vice President (Community Boards), National Treasurer and Board Directors (3). The latter are new positions, following an interim, independent review of ACS Boards conducted in October 2016.

The Vice President and Treasurer positions are part of Management Committee, which is the governing body of the Society. Members of Management Committee are ‘responsible persons’ under the ACNC Act and as such have an obligation to abide by appropriate governance standards. Accordingly, successful candidates prior to taking office will be required to sign a declaration relating to disqualifying offences.

All positions are part of the ACS Congress, which is an advisory and electoral body. The terms for all positions are two years. However, please note that ACS in 2017/18 will be conducting an extensive governance review which may impact on Board structures during this two year period. All terms commence on 01 January 2017.


  • May only elect members of the Professional Division (Fellows, Senior Members and Members); and
  • May not elect any member of the Overseas Group; 
  • For the position of Vice-President, must not elect or appoint a member unless the member has been endorsed by a majority of the Boards that the Vice-President whose position is in question represents, or, if there is no member endorsed by such a majority of Boards, then unless the member has been endorsed by Management Committee; and
  • Must have completed the ACS on-line induction program prior to the election to be eligible to contest the position. Nominees who have not completed the program will be sent the relevant link to enable them to comply with this requirement.

Applicants for Vice President and National Treasurer will be expected to make a short presentation to Congress, either in person or by teleconference, in support of their candidacy. 

Applicants for Board Director may be invited to make a short presentation to Congress, either in person or by teleconference, on how in broad terms the Board will deliver on the current ACS Strategic Plan.

Nominations will close at 5.00pm AEDT on Wednesday 23 November 2016. The positions are elected by Congress and elections will be held on Friday 02 December 2016 at the Congress meeting to be held in Sydney.

S M Burrell MACS (Snr)
Head of Governance & Risk

01 November 2016



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