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Microsoft Makes its Play for the iMac Crowd

Friday, 28 Oct 2016


New Surface Studio and haptic controller.

Microsoft is hoping to lure creative professionals away from their iMacs and onto its Surface products, unveiling a new desktop computer and haptic control peripheral.

Pre-orders for the new Surface Studio are already being taken in the US. The company did not say when it would take orders or begin shipments for Australia.

The base model – a Core i5-based PC with 1TB storage and 8GB RAM, costs US$2999 ($3932), and is set for delivery prior to Christmas.

Higher end models – with better processors, and more storage and RAM – cost between US$3499 ($4588) and US$4199 ($5505).

If the price didn’t make it clear, Surface boss Panos Panay confirmed that this Surface addition is really “built for professionals.”

“It’s meant to transform the way you’re going to work,” Panay told a launch event in New York.

“It’s going to help you produce, but I think in its essence is we wanted to transform the way you create and think about creating.”

“I believe this product will help you bring your ideas to life.”

On first impression, the Surface Studio design is a nod to the device it wants to take market share from: Apple’s iMac, a staple of many design houses.

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