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NoTechAthon on this Sunday

Thursday, 06 Oct 2016

TechNO! Australia's first NoTechAthon is on this Sunday! ACS Qld Challenges you and your family to down all tech devices for one day on 9th October and participate in Australia’s first NoTechAthon (NOTA). By participating in this event, you are choosing reconnect to your family, your community and enjoy loads of tech-free opportunities for one day totally disconnected from technology, but totally connected with family/friends, in reality not virtually. Plus you will help Forget Me Not reunite ‘paper orphans’ with their families, communities and give them an opportunity for a brighter future.

Did you know most orphanages in developing countries are filled with children who aren’t really orphans at all? Often they are taken from their homes under false pretences, like the promise of an excellent education. The children are then sold to an orphanage, which may or may not be registered, and tourists are invited to volunteer and raise funds for the orphanage. No matter how much money is given to the orphanage the children generally remain in an unkept state so as to attract more funds. It’s completely ludicrous, and at the same time totally makes sense, that orphanages in fact create more orphans! It’s big business for opportunistic people with no morals.

Raise the challenge with other families and encourage them to enter their family, have a NoTech challenge cash jar, bet your kids that they can't stay off tech for one day and donate the money raised to stop this form of child trafficking to Forget Me Not.

It might be a challenge going with out technology for one day, but we know you can hack it!

Take on the challenge here.