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WEB TECHNOLOGIES - React and Angular2 - It's time to choose! - Wednesday 26 October

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2016

The open source Javascript world is ever changing and saturated with choice and this is particularly true in the area of Single Page Application (SPA) frameworks. Two giants have emerged from this maelstrom. 

React from Facebook is small and functional and has an almost cult following from developers. Angular from Google pre-dates React but Version 1.x was criticised by purists.  After two years of development, version 2.0.0 of Angular went final, answering the critics and throwing down the challenge.  It’s time to choose!

This talk is designed to help a developer or architect to choose which of these frameworks to use in various situations.  Starting with a complex web app to mobile and isomorphic, Michael will cover key use cases and compare and contrast these two options.

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