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Census Fail Exposes Govt trip-up on Cyber Verbiage

Monday, 26 Sep 2016


Turnbull enlists academics to set things straight.

When Census 2016 was allegedly hit by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, the Government was hit with a problem of its own: how to explain it to an aggrieved public.

The initial blame for the problems – levelled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics – was a series of “attacks” on the Census site.

But by the next morning, with the Census site still down and amid increasing public concern, the Government wasn’t so sure these were “attacks”.

The Minister in charge of the Census, Michael McCormack, decided that the site hadn’t been attacked.

Confusion reigned at the press conference, as McCormack sought to explain why.

“By saying attacked, it looks as though and it seems as though and it is so that information was then gained,” he said.

“A denial of service is an attempt to block people from accessing a website. No census data was compromised and no data was lost.”

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