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ACS Victoria attends and supports Victorian University initiatives

Thursday, 22 Sep 2016

In Victoria, there are a number of events and initiatives organised by universities to help students with their transition into employment after they complete their studies.

Over the past week, ACS Victoria have participated in two of these initiatives - Swinburne University and La Trobe University.

Transition to Graduate Employment Conference – Swinburne University

Last Friday, the Centre for Career Development at Swinburne engaged a number of industry speakers to come along and chat to the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology students at the 2016 Transition to Graduate Employment conference.

The aim of the conference was to enhance students’ ability to transition smoothly into employment by providing them with advice and recommendations on how to improve their management and technical skills.

The conference included a number of breakout rooms, with a different industry speaker in each room addressing students on various topics. ACS Victoria Vice-Chair, Rod Dilnutt, held a session on how being part of the ACS community could help students launch a brilliant career and stand out from the crowd. With more than double the amount of students attending the session than last year, it was positive to see that students are more eager to enhance their career opportunities and be supported by a professional association.

The sessions were broken up by two networking breaks and the conference saw more than 200 students participate throughout the afternoon. Well done to Swinburne for organising a fantastic event!

Rod Swinburne  Guests Swinburne 

Victorian Engineering and IT Career Expo 2016 – La Trobe University

Yesterday, ACS Victoria also participated in a new initiative organised by La Trobe University, IEEE Victoria, Engineers Australia and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The Victorian Engineering and IT Career Expo was held at the State Library of Victoria and attracted more than 1500 students, each there to be educated on the opportunities that will be available once they have completed their studies and to speak to communities who can support them with their transition.

There was a constant crowd of students and graduates around the ACS stall eager to know how being a part of ACS could support them in their IT career. Attendees were informed on the ACS member benefits and were encouraged to join sooner rather than later to ensure that they are given optimal time to begin making connections and building their professional profile.

We had a few ACS members on hand to chat with the students about leveraging their current membership and introducing their peers to ACS.

La Trobe ExpoLa Trobe Crowd