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Identify your professional needs and join the ACS Victoria Mentoring program

Thursday, 15 Sep 2016

The ACS Victoria Mentoring program has attracted a large amount of positive feedback from both mentees and mentors who have taken some time to share their industry skills and experience. Some mentors have participated in multiple rounds, still having kept in contact with their earlier mentees  and taking on another. Hear what some of our previous participant's have said about the program -

A mentors perspective...

"I was looking for a chance to support young people on their way into IT and the ACS found me a good match and explained the mentor model to me so that I knew what to do. It was a reminder that I have valuable experience across the IT field, and it was lovely to be appreciated! The ACS Victoria mentoring program offers benefits for both parties and provides support in an industry that doesn't always remember that people are people."

A mentees perspective...

"The ACS Victoria mentoring program is very suitable for a student or young professional who would like to become more involved in the industry. My mentor guided me through areas that I had not previously been exposed to and provided me with real-world advice through his own personal and professional experiences. My mentor introduced me to other IT professionals to network with, helping me to further develop skills that can't always be learnt in the classroom."

How to apply...

Here at ACS Victoria, we take a great deal of time and care when partnering our mentoring pairs who are matched based on qualifications, industry expertise & common interests.

The program will run over a period of six months allowing participants the flexibility to determine their mode and frequency of contact.

If you are ready to apply today, please download and fill in the appropriate form below and return to [email protected] along with your resume.

    -    Form A: ACS Mentoring Program - Mentor Application Form
    -    Form B: ACS Mentoring Program - Mentee Application Form

If selected, an initial induction program will be delivered by ACS to provide guidance for developing and delivering a quality relationship between the mentor and the mentee. The induction will clarify mentor boundaries and help you both to discover what makes a mentoring relationship successful.

Fourth round applications will close on Thursday 22 September, 2016. To learn more about the program, please click here.