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Understand what’s important in cyber security for ME Bank at the upcoming Information Security SIG

Thursday, 01 Sep 2016

Cyber resilience is key at ME: a blend of regulatory requirements, hygiene, security by design and security awareness. Being an enabler and disruptive with Cyber Aussie start-ups to help us get the balance right in keeping ME safe.

Samantha MacLeod, General Manager Cyber Security at ME Bank will deliver a high level presentation on what’s important in cyber security at ME. Their business plan is highly charged with digital initiatives and innovation which presents cyber challenges. ME are a bank and with that comes compliance and regulation. They need to balance cyber risk and security capability to provide a cyber security approach that enables our business.

As the General Manager of Cyber Security, Samantha is accountable for ensuring that ME’s Security practices are integrated into the organisations strategic and operational processes. Samantha's Cyber Security team ensures that the organisations digital assets, and customers’ information, are secured through appropriate technology use within the changing threat landscape.

Date:Monday 26 September, 2016
Time:5:30pm registration for a 6:00pm start
Venue:Telstra Conference Centre, Melbourne CBD
Speaker:Samantha MacLeod, General Manager of Cyber Security at ME Bank

For more information and to register, please click here.