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ACS Special Interest Group - Modeling Human Behaviour

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2016

The proposal is to establish an ACS Special Interest Group in "Modeling Human Behavior". This would by necessity have a very broad scope, exploring all areas of modelling human behaviour, from the intersections of: Computer science, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Psychological disciplines, Natural Sciences.

There are many diverse sources of data that all of us create. In our daily life each of us leave countless “footprints” behind ourselves. For instance, footprints in an Internet browser history, status updates and messages in social media, life-logged self-reporting, credit card history, auction site behavior, body language and facial expressions; choices in clothes, cars, music, and holidays; the dramas, comedies (and tragedies) of life, self-reported or otherwise, and even criminal activities.

Undeniably we know this data “says” something about us, revealing different facets of our emotional/cognitive behavior and personality. In fact, there are many models of behavior and personality, from separate disciplines, suiting different forms of analyses and purposes, including: emotional responses revealed through physiological sensors; neuroscience correlating brain activity with cognitive processes; user interface designers experimenting with VR and AR worlds; behavioural data mining; and, psychiatric and psychoanalytic practitioners, experimental psychologists and anthropologists, who conduct very different studies.


To provide members with an opportunity to regularly interact and expand their knowledge and expertise in the area of Modeling Human Behavior.


  • Introduce existing and emerging technologies
  • Develop collaborative projects leading to: ACS publications, research publications and grant applications
  • Delivery
  • Monthly meetings


Computer science, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Psychological disciplines, Natural Sciences.

ACS Members, we want to hear your thoughts! If this is a SIG you would be keen to attend, then please email to register your interest!