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Thursday, 25 Aug 2016

We are proud to announce Tim Wark - Director Projects, Programmes and Marketing, CSIRO/Data 61 as the keynote speaker at #accessIT2016.

Tim will present CSIRO Futures latest report - Australia 2030 - An Uncertain Future.

We are entering a period of significant change across national and global markets. Innovation will be key to driving future productivity growth in established industries as well as developing new companies and industries based on emerging science and technologies.

Tim's presentation will explore new opportunities for Australian industry, in the context of these changes, to avoid being left behind in the coming decades. The importance of government and industry collaboration and open-innovation as effective models for leveraging R&D will be explored as well the policies that industry needs to embrace to meet the future economic, social and environmental challenges for Australia.

Finally Tim's keynote will explore the changing landscape of jobs and the impact that might have on the broader global economy.

See Tim present some highly researched information along with 30 other industry thought leaders who will offer their expert experience and thoughts on the future ICT landscape. Visit our website to find out more.