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UNIHACK 2016 – The Imagination Hackathon

Thursday, 18 Aug 2016

The last weekend of July saw ‘The Imagination Hackathon’, UNIHACK, providing students with the platform to showcase their ingenuity.

This year’s competition saw creations such as an autonomous robot that plays with your pet dog, a robotic hand for your smartphone, and a Rubix cube puzzle solver – nothing short of amazing was seen at UNIHACK 2016!

With 98 competitors (just shy of the 100 participant goal set by the organising committee), there were a significant amount of hardware-based hacks, with some teams incorporating Bosch sensors or Estimote beacons.

ACS Victoria would like to wish all winners and participants listed below a bright future in our rapidly changing industry and continually developing economy and we are sure we will see more of these extremely talented individuals in the years to come.

First PlacemangoDBMelbourne
Second PlacePyraminx SchemeMonash
Third PlaceThe Magic HandMonash
Best DesignBüiz-éMonash
Most Creative IdeaCanine Synergy Solutions          RMIT
People Choice (Microsoft)Büiz-éMonash
IoT: Invent for Life  (Bosch)NodeCareMelbourne
Universal Design (Seamless CMS)DequeueMonash
Most Elegant Algorithm (IMC Pacific)Pyraminx SchemeMonash
The Unicorn Prize (Accenture)ReverbMonash
Best Use of TDD (Thoughtworks)DashrMonash/RMIT/Melbourne
Future Leaders (PwC)NodeCareMelbourne
Best Marketplace Ready Hack (Xero)DashrMonash/RMIT/Melbourne      
Best Student Solution (Monash eSolutions)SmartGemsMonash

Pictured above (From left to right) Dr Rod Dilnutt, Vice Chair of ACS Victoria, Ms Alice Muy & Omid Aria, Swinburne Student Ambassadors