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ACS Canberra - Ongoing 50th anniversary membership recognition (August)

Tuesday, 02 Aug 2016

The 50th Anniversary celebrations continue with exciting events and membership recognition.

This month, it is with pleasure that we recognise some of our long standing (and still active) members of ACS Canberra (continued):

Member NameJoined DateYears of membership
Member NameJoined DateYears of membership
Catherine Jaktman199224
Edward Fung199323
Craig Oxley199224
Mario Rosi199323
Joseph Philip199224
Ian Barndt199323
David Burt199224
Peter Eddington199323
Ralph Cruwys199323
Anton Yogarajan199323
Iwona Miliszewska199323
Timothy Cowley199323
Catherine Gilbert199323
Elizabeth Smith199323
Dean Bear199323
Peter Bessell199323
Edmund Tee199323
Heather Brindley199323
Loan Ly199323
Thomas McCoy199422
John Dyer199323
Chris Lindesay199422
Keith Millar199323
Ned Noel199422
Philip Murphy199323
Peter White199422
Richard Majchrzak199323
Peter Hoefer199422
Mathew Kopka199323
Al Blake199422