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2016 Australia 3.0 ‘Wicked’ Policy Challenge on ICT Procurement - Wednesday 3 August

Tuesday, 02 Aug 2016

Priority Question – “What ICT solutions can help to increase the agility, innovation of government ICT procurement?” Prize of attending Reimagination and Digital Disruptor Awards.

Outcome - Develop an ICT procurement framework to be tested using a live example of an ICT platform with a NSW government agency.

Prize - The ICT Procurement winning team will be awarded VIP tickets to the ACS Reimagination thought leaders' summit and the ACS Digital Disruptor and Pearcey Awards in Sydney on 1 December to see leading entrepreneurs recognised. 

Framing the Challenge
There is an urgent emerging need for Australian industry and Governments to work together to accelerate the development of collaborative engagement models that lead to significantly better outcomes (i.e. lower cost, improved services, greater citizen satisfaction) through business innovation enabled by ICT.

How to get involved?

  1. Please read the 2016 A3.0 ICT Procurement Challenge overview
  2. Register the Expression of Interest form by 4pm Wednesday 3 August 2016
  3. Attend the Kick Off Briefing at 5pm Wednesday 3 August 2016 at ACS Sydney 

Registration for this event has now closed.